About the journal

   Elektronika - Journal is published monthly from over 60 years now. Elektronika is a leading technical journal in this geographical region, serving the professional community of electronics engineering. Elektronika Journal covers all aspects of Electronics Engineering like constructions, technologies, applications on hardware, software and integration levels. Why submit?

- fast, fair, competent and comprehensive peer review; every author receives peer-review and publishing service, two referees are designated for the assessment of each manuscript
- fast and efficient publication process
- thorough language verification/correction for authors who are not native English speakers
- polishing the structure and technical format of each submission
- each published paper is promoted to hundreds of researchers working in the same field
- electronic publishing

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- premier source of high quality research from all over the world, with special emphasis on papers from Central and Eastern Europe
- over fifty years of experience in publishing original papers dealing with various aspects of electronics, electrics and telecommunications
- one of the fastest growing journals published in Central and Eastern Europe
- excellent papers authored by researchers from all over the world who appreciate our fast, fair and constructive peer review